Blue Eye Designs was founded in 2003.
It is a creative freelance studio with innovative ideas in design.

The designer: Sascha, aim's at creating entertaining and engaging contents. Meant for clients who are looking to promote a company or product.

My strategy

Sascha believes that in order to achieve impressive results, she has to think beyond limits.

Whether it's a website, promotional material or graphic design, she looks for the technology that best fits any client's goals.

One Night Only Entertainment & Productions


Finding new creative inspiration is essential for good design. I am often asked what inspires me. Here are just a few things:

Film & 3D Motion Graphics, Fiction and Non-fiction Books, Video Games, Art, Sports, Novels, Print & Photography, Social Media, Product Design, Architecture, Shape & Form, Nature, and Philosophy.

References and Clients

  • One Night Only Entertainment & Productions
  • Maikel Damen
  • Energy4All
  • Recair
  • Deborah Louz
  • Lucia Rijker
  • André Santisi
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